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Set to change the face of Vietnam’s hospitality scene, Mad Cow Wine & Grill will open in August 2017 as the newest outlet in Saigon to offer amazing grilled steaks and seafood, and to present a great selection of madly priced wines.

The Pullman Saigon is one of Vietnam’s leading lifestyle hotels, quite unlike any conventional hotel, and Mad Cow is Pullman’s new daring and cool dining experience, entirely different from your usual hotel restaurant,” says Tony Chisholm, the General Manager.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Mad cow wine & grill - Pullman Saigon Centre

Pullman Saigon has come up with a smart concept and provided something with a strong vivid name, look and feel; something new, fun and accessible in the city. The restaurant and bar scene in Ho Chi Minh City has changed dramatically over the last five years. And while standalone restaurants have not improved a great deal, they have become more creative, introducing clever interior design concepts. If hotels want to enjoy their fair share of the restaurant market, they will need to reinvent themselves. That’s why Pullman Saigon has thought like restaurateurs to provide an experience that is straightforward, outstanding and authentic.

Mad Cow Wine & Grill combines the feel of an edgy grill with the casual tone of an urban wine bar to create a stylish, laid-back atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal on the 30th floor of the award winning 5 star Hotel Pullman Saigon Centre and look out over vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Mad Cow’s expert culinary team brings each cut of meat to flavorful perfection on handmade charcoal grill. Aside from grilled delights, Pullman Saigon offers delicious tapas – sourced locally and created fresh every day. Mad Cow signature dishes are Grass Fed Angus Beef Tartar – served tableside, Lamb Gnocchi, BBQ Whole Seabass, Black Angus Beef Rib and the signature Mad Beef Burger Maddie, Mad Highland Cow is fresh on the scene and excited to meet and mingle. Maddie brings hand-picked, fine wines to every gathering and thinks life is too short to be taken all that seriously. Young at heart and quick-witted, Maddie doesn’t mess around when it comes to single source, quality beef as well as free-range and, where possible, organic pork, poultry and fish. In addition, Maddie is the perfect host, guaranteeing a great night out, be it with colleagues at the bar, friends at the Cellar Door evenings, your family for a sit-down dinner, or all by yourself for a damn-good steak.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Mad cow wine & grill - Pullman Saigon Centre

The menu is just right for steak aficionados. Pullman Saigon works closely with a single-origin Mulwarra farm in Australia, to bring the finest chilled beef all the way from paddock to plate. Mulwarra free range grass fed beef and wagyu beef are sourced from Australia’s premier cattle regions in the eastern states of Victoria and New South Wales. Mad Cow endeavors to be the customers’ first choice for Australian beef, wagyu beef, veal and lamb.

Grilled seafood. Chef Danny Grimshaw and team will flame-grill contemporary seafood cuisine, playfully balanced with Vietnamese accents. Guests can select from Signature Seafood dishes including fresh lobsters, oysters and prawns or choose from the à la carte menu.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Mad cow wine & grill - Pullman Saigon Centre

The wine list is second to none – it is the city’s most accessibly priced collection of hand-picked favorites from around the world. There are more than fifty labels to choose from – including ten labels by the glass – at the same price you’d pay in a wine shop.

Mood is everything – from lighting and music to carefully arranged seating for every occasion. With shared high tables, a sociable u-shaped bar, and an exclusive private room, guests will always find the mood for the moment, whether they travel alone or move with a crowd.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Mad cow wine & grill - Pullman Saigon Centre

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