Luxury cruises: Admire Halong Bay on a floating hotel

Thousands of limestone islands in various shapes, countless amazing hidden caves, surrounded by clear blue waters and vast sky. All of these create the dazzling and fascinating beauty of Halong Bay. Cruise on the sea, take part in an exciting journey, enjoy luxurious five-star hotel facilities with Wanderlust Tips’ July issue which introduces to our readers three magnificent cruises, promising to bring visitors experiences that could not be more attractive.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Luxury cruises: Admire Halong Bay on a floating hotel

Inspired by the life of King Bao Dai – the last king of the feudal dynasty of Vietnam, the cruise’s cabins are named after the famous landmarks where King Bao Dai’s villas were located including Dalat, Nha Trang, Do Son and Vung Tau. Along the long wooden corridors visitors can enjoy precious paintings and pictures of Bao Dai and his wives.

From the moment you enter the stately wooden doors of Emperor Cruises, you are immersed in a space of art where you can admire a range of works by the famous painter Pham Luc – from lacquer works of old Hanoian streets to still life of the Vietnamese lotus flower and oil on canvas paintings about Tet – the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Emperor Cruises is a museum floating on the sea.

Emperor Cruises offers eight suites with large glass doors and private balconies, breaking the limit of other cruises in Vietnam. From on board, visitors can admire the poetic beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay. There is also a cafeteria, gym, spa, library, movie room, wine cellar, bar and large sundeck – where people enjoy romantic dinners under the stars or participate in dances during exciting dinner parties.

Besides its delicate visual arts, Emperor Cruises also delights visitors with the smell and taste of attractive dishes cooked by experienced chefs or with melodious songs played by famous violinists and pianists. Travelling on Emperor Cruises will remind visitors about the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty and help them enjoy the magnificent beauty of Halong Bay in a luxurious and romantic space.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Luxury cruises: Admire Halong Bay on a floating hotel

Inspired by the light guiding fishermen in the dark night, Starlight Cruise was created to illuminate the hidden beauty of Halong. Starlight Cruise is both the newest member and the pride of the Oriental Sails Company. The yacht is made of steel and has a double layer on each side, so tourists can completely be assured of their safety throughout the trip. With a total length of 58 metres, a width of 10.72 metres and a height that is equal to a four-story building, the yacht is truly magnificent and has 46 sailors working around the clock.

The 32-room Starlight Cruise offers an overall impression of modern and comfortable accommodation. Rooms are equipped with a Jacuzzi tub and huge windows with bay views. The size of each room is larger than on other yachts of the same category: 22 square metres for Deluxe and Executive rooms and 50 square metres for Suite room. The rooms have wooden floors and are well equipped with handicrafts and modern amenities, offering guests the most adequate facilities during their stay on board.

In addition, a 350 square metres restaurant which includes a stage, balcony and large sea view window, is an ideal place for a party. The bar is spacious; there is a computer room, a small library and some children’s toys. Most significantly, on top of the boat is a huge sundeck, which has a row of benches on each side and a mini golf course for visitors to play while admiring the scenery. However, if you want a more private and quiet space, you can visit the wine cellar to sample hundreds of different kinds of wine. After a long day of sightseeing, the spa service will be a great choice for you to relax, and rebalance.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Luxury cruises: Admire Halong Bay on a floating hotel

The Au Co Cruise belongs to the Bhaya Group. 2017 marks the milestone of 5 years since the Au Co Cruise was officially launched and first offered a trip of 3 days 2 nights exploring the natural world wonders of Halong Bay. Visitors can take part in the journey to explore Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay and the beautiful wild islands. Then, visitors can participate in exciting outdoor activities such as trekking through the rainforest, visiting peaceful local ancient villages on the island, riding bicycles along tree-lined roads, exploring the national parks with rich fora and fauna or visiting the vegetable garden grown by participants of a community program of the Bhaya Group.

Along with interesting outdoor activities, visitors have the chance to get to know Vietnamese traditional culture as well as enjoy a dance named Au Co – Lac Long Quan, enjoy unique Vietnamese dishes prepared by talented chefs and explore the traditional tea art of Vietnam.

On Au Co Cruise, you will have time to relax in a luxurious five-star space. There are a total of 32 cabins on each Au Co Cruise, 30 cabins have private balconies and a bathroom with luxurious amenities. A world-class vacation on an Au Co Cruise will definitely satisfy even the most difficult guests.

Au Co Cruise as well as Bhaya Group always care about the feelings of visitors and hope to bring them the best service. So guests are sure to feel the thoughtful care from the time they start the journey by limousine from Hanoi to Tuan Chau, and making use of the private lounge at the Operations Centre of the company while waiting to have their cabin on the cruise assigned.

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