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Summer, the season of endless trips has come. Intelligent parents will heed the “tips” that Wanderlust Tips has collected for a smooth flight with your little angels – especially in long flights.

I’ve seen a baby crying during a flight, and her mother had to walk along the aisle, carrying her, until the end of the flight. I’ve seen an obedient child run all over the plane and roll out in the middle of the passage. The sounds of children crying in a cramped space, when struggling with pressure decreasing or dizziness due to increasing altitude, can be a horrible experience for any passenger.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Keep your children happy on board

As a mother with little children, it is extremely difficult for you to predict when your angel suddenly becomes the fear of countless other passengers, as they run all over the place, scream madly, step on the chair, play with the hair of the person sitting in front of them, and talk nonstop. In particular, children tend to become over active when they need to sit in one place and wear a seat belt, especially during take-off and landing.

Summer, the season of endless trips has come. Intelligent parents will heed the “tips” that Wanderlust Tips has collected for a smooth flight with your little angels – especially in long flights.

Choose a night flight with transfers

Night flights are recommended because according to the biological clock, it is a child’s bedtime. You will not have to “wrestle” with your child, as they will most likely be asleep. Recently on CNN, some experienced mothers shared that it is important to see if your baby can sleep well on the plane – because it would be bad for everyone else trying to sleep while your child is crying.

Another mother also said “a flight with many transfers is better than a long direct flight”. Because running is the instinct of young children, it is difficult to keep your child in one place too long. However, children are not allowed to run on the plane. Before scheduling a flight with many transfers, you’ll want to see whether your child is scared when the plane takes off and lands because the child is often sensitive during these times. There are very long flights, some which last several dozen hours. If possible, choose two separate flights with a few days to rest at one point in the middle of the itinerary. This helps children adapt gradually, avoiding jetlag, tiredness and stress for the whole family. Twenty-four hours of continuous flight is definitely more taxing than a 12-hour flight.

You should remember your priorities when traveling with young children, such as checking in early.

Careful preparation is never redundant

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Keep your children happy on board

Vicki, a blogger mom of the website, shares travel advice from her experiences with young children. She recommends your carry-on luggage should be filled with wet towels, snacks, toys, game cards, clean clothes and medicine in case the kid gets sick. Prepare as carefully as possible. Keep in mind that you should pack clean clothes both for your baby and yourself. If your baby spills water or milk, or vomits on you, and you do not have clean clothes until you land, it could be uncomfortable for you and possibly other passengers.

When bringing water or milk for your baby, you should be aware of the regulations for carrying liquid in your carry-on baggage. In Vietnam, for domestic flights, you are allowed to bring liquid. However, in international flights, each airline and each airport will have different regulations. Be sure to pay special attention. Most recently, in January, Heathrow Airport (UK) retained 10 bags of 80ml milk from Katie Langan, 33-year-old Dutch tourist, when she was on her way home. Meanwhile, the US Transportation Security Administration is extremely comfortable about this. On their website, they state that you can absolutely bring fruit juice, formula or breast milk in proper amounts on the plane, but you need to remove it from the luggage at the security gate for a separate scan. If it exceeds 3.4 ounces (about 100ml), you must inform the airport staff. You can even tell them if you do not want this liquid to be swept by X-rays or opened up, and you also do not need to have a baby with you when you carry your breast milk.

There are dozens of toys to calm babies on the plane (see page …). It is best to bring your child’s favourite items. Prioritize innovative games such as Mini Lego, colour pens, jigsaw puzzles, notebooks and pencils, game cards. Do not give all the toys and games at once; wait until they get bored of an item, and then you can give them another one. Your carry-on baggage should be a backpack so that you can “serve” your little passengers, or pick them up when you go in or out a plane.

Show them the plane is a miracle

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Keep your children happy on board


Actually, it is a miracle. From the plane, you can see tiny houses and clouds. Show the children what they would miss seeing without the plane. Act as the pilot or count the number of passengers. There are countless things you can do on a flight.

Preparations in case your kids get sick


This is probably the worst situation you can imagine when going on long flights with young children. But you can take the initiative if you prepare well these circumstances. For example, a fever reducer will be your lifesaver.  Mark Logan, COO at Skyscanner, has three years of experience traveling with his three children. He advises parents to carry lots of vomit bags and clean clothes before boarding your plane. Maddie Sinclair, another blogger mom, disclosed that applying a little herbal medicated ointment to children’s palms, soles and abdomen would help keep children from vomiting. Maddie used Yu Yee Oil, an herbal medicated ointment that is derived from herbal ingredients such as mint, cloves, nutmeg oil, and she loves their aroma.

You can buy a bottle with the price of 100.000VND. If you have to use other oils, it is recommended not to use ones with too heavy a smell that remains too long.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Keep your children happy on board

Compromise with strict rules to “survive”

iPhone, iPads, snacks like sweet candy, fruit – these are all will be the “weapons” for you to deal with “your little terrorist”. Do not be too strict in the role of a father or mother, especially when you are facing a long flight with your baby. Accept that you will break some rules like using electronic devices, or eating some junk food which your children are usually not allowed to eat and do. But do not tell them in advance; keep it a surprise. With these games and toys, they may get excited and forget the discomfort on the plane. Then you will have more time to rest and take care of yourself.

Do not forget to take care of yourself


As you get tired from making every effort to “manage” your little angel and help him or her be most comfortable, do not forget to make yourself comfortable and healthy throughout the flight.Take care of yourself on the plane by drinking enough water, taking a rest, relaxing when your baby is asleep, or be taken care of by others, or when they are playing games. Keep your skin hydrated and always bring plenty of towels and comfortable clothes to wear when you’re on the long flight, bring a neck pillow so you can sleep well when your baby is asleep. If your flight is bad, the holiday could be ruined, even when you land at the destination. At the same time, you do not want to be an ill-tempered and tired mum or dad when the kids start their mischief.

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