Interview with Quang Vinh: A famous singer with a passion for travel

The nightingale prince – as singer Quang Vinh is known to his fans – has a passion for both singing and flying all over the world. For this issue, Wanderlust Tips travel magazine interviewed the handsome singer to understand more about his love of travel.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Interview with Quang Vinh: A famous singer with a passion for travel

Why do you travel to so many countries?

Perhaps I got used to going on tour all over the world so staying in one place makes me feel uneasy. The outside world is very large and travel helps me broaden my horizon and learn more about life. I want to live life to the fullest. So whenever I get a chance, I go on a journey.

Since 2000 starting to work as a professional singer, I have never stayed home for more than a month (laughs). I am fortunate to have opportunities to travel to so many places, due to the nature of my work so I usually go on tour and I’m definitely an adventurous type of person. The more I am on the move, the more I appreciate my present life and what I have.

Would you mind sharing some memorable experiences along the way with the readers?

My life is a chain of endless experiences and it’s hard to tell what memory is the most noteworthy. But perhaps I will never forget the first time I saw the aurora in Iceland. What a miracle! It is a great wonder of nature without any human intervention.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Interview with Quang Vinh: A famous singer with a passion for travel

In Vietnam, I really enjoy trips to Ninh Binh, where I have the chance to talk and get to know more about the local people. Especially when going by boat, it is really interesting when hearing the boatman telling his stories while admiring the scenery and indeed it helps me find joy in life.

What about “unexpected” experiences?

When travelling I also encounter a number of unpleasant things! Some countries are not really safe like Italy or France, although they are all European countries where many people wish to visit, if you are not careful you will still be robbed, pickpocketed or asked for money.

Regarding Vietnam, in many places I visited, both foreigners and Vietnamese tourists are usually overcharged for food and services. In addition, many relics or natural landscapes are not preserved or properly maintained causing damage and degrading. And many visitors litter and have bad manners when queuing and eating.

Generally speaking, I think every destination has its own problems; we meet both good and bad people so we should be careful and be on our best behaviour.

How many countries have you travelled to?

I have travelled to about 20 countries in the world and almost all the provinces in Vietnam. However, I actually did not have enough time to learn thoroughly about those places. That is the reason why I made the “Quang Vinh Passport” program on my personal YouTube channel so people can acknowledge the practical problems of travelling. New destinations are always attractive and urge me to explore, and if I have the opportunity to return to a destination, I always try to experience it in a different way from the first time.

There are many types of tourism: pleasure tourism, ecotourism or cultural tourism, culinary tourism and so on. What is your favourite type?

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Interview with Quang Vinh: A famous singer with a passion for travel

It depends on the time as well as the person I travel with. I am not biased towards any type of travel. If I go with my family, I will choose places that are easy to travel to. When travelling solo, I travel to wherever I like, even climbing mountains or crossing rivers. When going with friends, we spend time both exploring the destination and relaxing and having fun. Each type of tourism has its own points of interest, so it’s hard to choose which one I like the most. I think when the opportunity comes, you should take it and turn it into a precious memory for yourself and the people you love.

Many people are now travelling and regularly post their photos of new food or check-in at the destination on social networks. What do you think about that?

I think we need to save our memorable moments and wonderful things during the actual trip, some people like to show of and others like me just want to record it for ourselves. When getting older maybe I can’t go anymore, so now when I am still healthy and young, I will try to travel as much as I can. Then sometime in the future I can take the pictures out, look at them and think about my young meaningful days full of amazing experiences. It will be a picture diary reminding me about my vivid youth.

Being a famous singer and going on journeys that involve moving a lot, experiencing different kinds of climates and food, how do you prepare to stay healthy as well as keep in good shape to go on stage or for recording? At home I exercise at least 4 times a week, so that I am always in good health for travelling. I have no secret, but travelling a lot is the reason my skin is tanned.

The videos are so fresh and lively because of my enthusiasm for my work, I am doing a job I love, so I am always happy. The spirit is the most important. Everything will go well when you are in a good mood (laughs).

Perhaps the combination of many passions makes for a good career. Like combining travel and music. Do you intend to do this?

If you follow my YouTube channel, you will soon see that I am making new types of videos in which I record activities and experiences at every destination I travel to and then insert my new songs to those videos. The song “Coming for You” was filmed in Langkawi (Malaysia). Or the song “Whether you remember or forget” was filmed at Bich Hoa Tam Thanh Village (Tam Ky City, Quang Nam). I think this is a new direction for my music.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Interview with Quang Vinh: A famous singer with a passion for travel

As a person who has many opportunities to travel to different destinations, what suggestions do you have for travel lovers?

Each person will have their own way of experiencing, I do not encourage anyone to follow my style, I just want to share what I have, and your job is wearing your backpack then going on the journey. Just go far away and you will be amazed at the world as well as discover many things, including exploring your own possibilities and challenging your limits.

I wish everyone good trips, and if you have time and passion for music and travelling like me, I would be very happy if you follow and support me, it would mean great happiness and joy for me on my future journeys of travel and song.

Thank you for the interesting thoughts, we wish you success in the upcoming plans.

Van Ly | Wanderlust Tips

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