Hoi An on a tranquil and soothing day 

Hoi An is world-famous for its unrivalled ancient beauty, making it a popular tourist destination amongst both locals and travellers. The town is increasingly becoming busy and dynamic, making you want to take a step back and appreciate the nostalgic, peaceful charm that still runs deep through the streets of Hoi An. It exudes an elegant and gentle ambience with idyllic street corners and an alluring river.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Hoi An on a tranquil and soothing day


A far cry from a buzzing metropolis, Hoi An has a historical twist and its unique ancient beauty oozes from every corner. When thinking of “an ancient beauty”, many people would assume that it is old-fashioned and cramped like cities tended to be in the past. However, Hoi An is completely different as it is an excellent infusion of stunning ancient colours and eclectic architecture.

For those who are passionate about finding a relaxing ambience in Hoi An, then going out at sunrise is a must. At the crack of dawn, Hoi An sparkles in the gentle morning sunshine. There is not the typical cacophony of sounds and hustle and bustle on the streets. Instead, you will have the chance to enjoy a serene and hassle-free atmosphere. Looking out over the road alongside the fantastic Thu Bon River, you will get a view of cyclists jingling their bells and flocks of birds basking in the morning rays.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Hoi An on a tranquil and soothing day

Taking a stroll around Hoi An at sunrise is truly the most joyful experience when travelling to Central Vietnam. The town’s streets are deserted at dawn, the wooden houses are still closed up and you are free to wander through the maze of beautiful yellow walls. While meandering around the quiet jigsaw puzzle of streets, you might also see a glimpse of young couples snapping photos and videos. Their gentle smiles and obvious chemistry add a heartwarming sense of romance to this little town. An amalgamation of old and new, serene and charming, Hoi An is the perfect destination for many couples. It has been said that Hoi An draws endless inspiration for love, literacy and nostalgia.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Hoi An on a tranquil and soothing day

If Hoi An is not teeming with throngs of domestic and foreign tourists, how does it sound? Pure, calm and gentle. Instead of hoards of visitors and their subsequent noise make the most of the natural sounds of this quaint little town. Listen as the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze, hear the murmur of the Thu Bon River flowing gently or the melodious birdsong sounding from the sun-drenched ancient houses. Aside from the array of natural sounds, Hoi An whirs with a variety of joyful and familiar sounds of life – the signature culture of the local residents. There is a lot of interesting sounds, for instance, hear people cracking jokes, traders hawking or simply the pitter-patter of footsteps on the alleyways. This colourful blend of sounds pulses with vitality and brings an interesting insight into the daily lives of the locals.

It is hard to put into words what I heard during my time in Hoi An. I just know that the peaceful sounds and the humdrum of people going about their daily tasks was heartwarming and comforting. My heart tells me that there is no other place that exudes such an exquisitely serene ambience mixed with timeless architecture. Travelling to this scenic town on a tourist-free day will bring endless joy and comfort to your heart. There is no high street shopping stores or throngs of people like in a modern city; instead, keep an eye out for the Thu Bon River and listen to the magical sounds of Hoi An.


Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Hoi An on a tranquil and soothing day

The brilliant colour of yellow is the signature feature that contributes to the quintessential uniqueness of Hoi An. A fantastic plethora of colourful lanterns hung on the moss-grown walls also adds a sparkling elegance to the town. The distinctive shade of yellow in Hoi An is different from that in other places as it is a sophisticated reflection of long-standing history. An epic and nostalgic beauty, this sunny colour has people falling in love with this little town. Your trip to Hoi An would not be complete without marvelling at the yellow-coloured houses and moseying along the winding alleyways to take some stunning photos.

Aside from the signature yellowness, Hoi An is adorned with a vast array of brilliantly-painted lanterns hung all over the town. You will be captivated when meandering around the ancient streets decorated with an abundance of reds, oranges, yellows and blues. As dusk falls, Hoi An boats an unparalleled romantic beauty with illuminated traditional lanterns. There is nothing more wonderful than taking a walk under the starry sky, marvelling at the shimmering lanterns and indulging in the idyllic sound of the ancient town. The staggering landscapes and serene ambience of Central Vietnam will definitely fill your heart.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | Hoi An on a tranquil and soothing day

Do not wait to visit Hoi An as it is beautiful all year round whether it is sunny or rainy, at dawn or dusk, on holidays or any day. Pack your bags, travel to Hoi An and appreciate its exquisite beauty and tranquillity.



Travelling by plane is a popular choice to reach Hoi An. However, if you are keen to marvel at the gorgeous natural landscapes en route, a trip by coach or train is a good idea. Additionally, when you arrive, you should rent a bicycle to get around the peaceful roads in Hoi An.


There are two distinct seasons in Hoi An, including the dry and rainy season. The dry season from January to July is an ideal time for a getaway to Hoi An. Between February to April is the best time to visit Hoi An as the weather is cool and mild. However, you can also visit Hoi An in the rainy season to enjoy its unrivalled peaceful ambience.

Wanderlust Tips Travel Magazine | on a tranquil and soothing day


Hoi An is home to an amazing variety of ancient architectural structures, for instance, Cau Pagoda (Japanese Covered Bridge), Chua Ong, Fujian Assembly Hall, Old House of Tan Ky and Hoi An Handicraft Workshop. If you want to explore and experience the local life in Hoi An, hanging out at a rooftop café is a must to add to your bucket list.


Hoi An cuisine intrigues a large number of foodies with its exquisite and impressive flavours. You will be spoilt for choice with a plethora of gourmet dishes such as chicken rice, Cao Lau (a kind of rice noodles), Hoanh Thanh (fried wontons), noodle soup, Quang noodles, Banh Mi Phuong and sweetened gruel. The roadside stalls are an ideal place to embark on a traditional culinary journey.

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