Paradise Elegance: A paradise amidst a paradise

Sometimes a journey is more fascinating than the destination itself. And a cruise with Paradise Elegance is a journey to explore the spectacular Halong Bay during which every little detail is cared for.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Paradise Elegance: A paradise amidst a paradise

Luxury is a state of mind – so how different is a journey on which all your needs and emotions are cared for like you are an emperor? Your feelings will be fulfilled and your experiences will be more memorable thanks to the thoughtful care of the butler service in each cabin. The butler service is a personalised service at the highest level of the hospitality industry and rarely can they find such kind of services in the large cruise ship in Halong Bay. You can consult the customer reviews after the trip to find that sometimes Paradise Elegance’s visitors have said that they feel like royalty, and many tourists wish that they had booked a longer vacation.

It’s not hard to understand why a butler has such an important position that all 5-star international yachts have butler services. A butler, generally speaking, is a reliable person who always listens to you, takes care of you, and simply makes you happy. They are the person who unloads or arranges your luggage, books a restaurant, or arranges a spa appointment for you, or they may become your tour guide when you visit the mainland during the itinerary, and they may also be the one who serves you the in-room meals as to your order.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Paradise Elegance: A paradise amidst a paradise

Luxury must be comfortable – this is not only true for fashion but also applicable to all other service industry areas, especially the accommodation services. Being on the large end of the scale in Halong Bay, Paradise Elegance has 31 cabins, so whether you want to enjoy a cocktail at the bar on the sundeck or rest in your spacious cabin with its sumptuous furniture and enjoy the view of the bay with its thousands of spectacular limestone islands, you will always have a comfortable space to experience your time amidst the wonder that is Halong Bay.

You do not have to sacrifice your personal needs or go out of your comfort zone to enjoy this natural masterpiece, on the ocean, sailing past cliffs eroded by waves and wind over the years and the magnificent caves of the bay, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep on a luxurious bed and pamper your body with a special treat at the cosy and fragrant spa or enjoy your favourite meal picked from an optional menu or listen to the music and melodious lyrics from well-known artists that harmonise with the melody of the sea to grant you the full inspiration of life.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Paradise Elegance: A paradise amidst a paradise

There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen – so why should we limit our dining experiences at the table? Paradise Elegance lets visitors choose their meals. Without your decision, the cruise will not pre-order for you, instead, there is a rich European and Asian food menu waiting to take you on an amazing flavour adventure and you are the person to choose your favourite dishes.

Guests will have the chance to wake up all their senses with deep-fried crab springrolls, grilled shrimp lemongrass skewers served with fermented vegetable or salad of tropical vegetables with bitter, spicy, salty and sweet flavours. Paradise Elegance is the perfect culinary journey with some soft, smoky salmon ready to melt in diners’ mouths, or fine black fish eggs, or sweet Australian beef tenderloin in a sauce of famous wine. You can sip a glass of the best wine to fulfil your taste experience.

Visitors can finish their meal with the sweet aroma of sticky rice soup with coconut milk, or the unforgettable taste of banana flambé.Create your own gastronomic adventure filled with pleasant surprises, which is the privilege that Paradise Elegance offers to every visitor.


Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Paradise Elegance: A paradise amidst a paradise

Although you may be interested in feeling like an emperor or being treated like a queen on Paradise Elegance, above all, the foremost reason that brings you to this tropical country are the legendary beauty of Halong Bay and the joy of having a relaxing break after the hard work.Nature has spent millions of years building this landscape, and tourists come here only need to enjoy these natural art works. There are sun-drenched beaches, amazing hidden caves and limestone rocks stretching over the water surface like a huge natural installation. Kayaking, attending squid fishing with the cruise team in the evening, or exploring the stunning caves or simply just relaxing in your spacious cabin to admire the beauty through the panoramic windows, are what you can find on the itinerary aboard Paradise Elegance cruise.

Just the few moments when the sun rises on the sea, or when it sets on the red horizon, the magnificent view will leave you speechless. So it doesn’t come to a surprise that most of the visitors are feeling blue at the end of the trip on board Paradise Elegance, then it comes to the memories they made and story about paradise amidst a paradise, about an unforgettable journeys that they wish would continue endlessly.

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