8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

Travel to Phu Yen in the afternoon, where to go and what to do to have the most enjoyable experiences? Here are eight suggestions from Wanderlust Tips.


Nhan Tower is located on the Northern bank of the Da Rang River, near National Highway 1A, in Tuy Hoa City. Building materials consist of brick, with a variety of sizes depending on the location of each wall and floor. They are aligned seamlessly and very firmly bonded. Nhan Tower has an architectural style like Po Nagar Cham Tower in Nha Trang, which is built in the form of high floors. The Tower is quadrangular with four floors: the higher is smaller than the lower floor, but still in the same style. The top of the Tower consists of many layers, with the top made of a stone shaped like a lotus bud, the Linga symbol of Cham people. Inside the Tower, there is no altar, no statue; only in front the Tower there is a smaller altar worshipping Dien Phi Ngoc Cham A Na God Supreme. The altar was built in the time of the Hau Le Dynasty.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Must see: Phu Yen Martyrs Memorial House; Thuan Thao Ecological Zone; Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village; Phu Yen Museum; Tuy Hoa Market.

♦ Cuisine: Chuc Xiu Restaurant (3 Bach Dang), Nam Phuong Restaurant (43 Nguyen Tat Thanh), Tung Coffee (69 Tan Da), Grilled Beef & Spring Roll Vermicelli Restaurant (94 Bach Dang embankment).


Long Thuy Beach, also known as My A Beach, is located in An Phu Commune, Tuy An District, about 10 kilometres from Tuy Hoa City. The beach stretches along the edge of the water, with bright smooth sand. The seawater is blue and crystal clear, and the sea slope is gentle and sparkles under the sun. Nearby is a green coconut forest, with a light wind that rustles leaves. Together, this makes a breathtaking scenery, attracting tourists from all regions.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Must see: Nearby is Ganh Ong – Bai Xep Beach, a place that appeared in the well-known film, I See the Yellow Flower on Green Grass, adapted from a novel of the same name. At present, Ganh Ong – Bai Xep is a growing tourist site, promising to be Phu Yen’s new attractive destination.

♦ Top tips: Guests can dive into the cool blue waters, take a rest under the shadow of a coconut tree, or enjoy countless fresh seafood.


Only about 7 kilometres from the mainland, Chua Island is located in the group of Hon Dua Islands off the coast of Long Thuy Sea, An Phu Commune, Tuy Hoa City. With the special composition of small, stacked stones, as well as vertical cliffs due to the erosion of waves and thick vegetation, the remote view of Hon Pagoda is that of cool, green vegetation stretching on the sea surface.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Top tips: To get to Hon Chua Island, go to Long Thuy Beach, then drive a few more kilometres to An Chan Fishing Village and then hire a fishing boat to get to the island. Hon Chua Island is magically beautiful with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine and a very fresh, pleasant atmosphere. The Pagoda is surrounded by abundant coral reefs, with a diversity of species. These colourful coral reefs are also a refuge of many kinds of shrimp, fish, squid, and crabs. With just a diving mask and a life jacket, you can admire the amazing underwater world.

♦ Cuisine: You should bring foods and drinks when visiting the island, or buy seafood from the local fishermen then ask them to cook the dishes.


Hon Yen is located in An Hoa Commune, Tuy An District. From Nhon Hoi Village, you will see two small islands lying next to each other, about 100 meters from the centre. The big island looks like a huge cone, with the steep cliffs of Yen Island. The small island is Hon Sun Island. At the beginning of the month, when the tide goes down, a road across the sea is revealed that connects the shore with Hon Sun Island, straight to Hon Yen Island. With this road, visitors will have the opportunity to take a walk across the sea.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Must see: Surrounding Hon Yen, there is an impressive marine landscape. In the centre, there are rocky mountains stretching out to the sea near Hon Yen Island, called Ganh Yen. Ganh Ho Chao is located at the foot of Ganh Yen with dark black rocks and a jade blue pool. On the right side of Hon Yen Island located by the Nam Hai Tomb. On the left side is Phu Thuong Beach with a stretching coastline.

♦ Cuisine: Enjoy delicious seafood like squid, cellana, and crab at restaurants in the nearby residential area. Tourists can also go to restaurants at O Loan Lagoon, about 6 kilometres away.


Mai Nha Isle is located in An Hai Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province, about 27 kilometres to the North of Tuy Hoa City. Departing from the wharf in An Hai Commune or Ninh Dong Commune, after 20 minutes by boat, you will arrive at the Isle. This place will immediately surprise you with its pristine and breathtaking beauty, lush green mountains covered with grass, smooth sandy beach and clear water. The island is very isolated, so you can privately enjoy the scenery.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Top tips: The ideal time to visit is from March to August, when the weather is good. On the island, there are only few fishermen’s houses; there are no travel services, no electricity, no hotels, and fresh water is rare. Here, you can explore nature, swim in the sea, and go camping and fishing.

♦ Cuisine: There are no travel services here, so you should bring enough food and water when going to the isle.


Chop Chai Mountain is 391 metres high, next to National Highway 1A, in Binh Kien Commune. The mountain is shaped like a giant pyramid floating in the middle of the plain of Tuy Hoa City’s outskirts. At the top of the mountain, there is a network of television and radio broadcasting towers and a military radar. During the rainy season, it is often struck by lightning; this is why people have given the mountain an interesting name – “Striking Thunder Mountain”.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Must see: Around Chop Chai Mountain there are four temples built on the slopes: Hoa Son, Minh Son, Khanh Son, and Bao Lam. At the foot of Chop Chai Mountain, Phu Yen Province’s armed forces liberated the lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho in 1961 from the base of the National Liberation Front.

♦ Top tips: The road that leads to the mountain summit is quite narrow and steep. When you reach the top, you can admire a panoramic view of Tuy Hoa City.

♦ Cuisine: Around Chop Chai Mountain there are many bars serving goat meat. Goats are raised on the mountain, so the meat is very tasty.


North Forbidden Forest of Ca Pass is located in Hoa Xuan Nam and Hoa Tam Communes, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province, about 30 kilometres to the South of Tuy Hoa City. With a natural area of about 8,780 hectares, the forest preserves hundreds of plant and animal species, including endemic and rare species.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Top tips: Located in North Forbidden Forest of Ca Pass, the 706-metres-high Bia Da Mountain is ideal for mountain climbing. Visitors can climb up Da Bia Mount trails (about 2.2 kilometres). From the top of the mountain, the panoramic view of Phu Yen looks like a colourful watercolour painting with stretching paddy fields, forests, straits, bays, and green islands.

♦ Cuisine: Go to Vung Ro Bay about 6 kilometres away, there are a lot of floating restaurants selling a lot of fresh seafood.


Located at 400 metres altitude, Van Hoa Plateau belongs to Son Hoa District, including Son Xuan, Son Long and Son Dinh Commune. This place attracts visitors with its beautiful sunlight, wind and mist. In the autumn climate, it is always milder than in Tuy Hoa, when the morning mist covers the surface of the Phan and Phu Streams. And in the winter days, white rain drops cover all of the roads and branches. Van Hoa Plateau has a vast mountainous terrain, with many lakes and beautiful waterfalls. This plateau is especially famous for its historical relics such as: Uncle Ho Church, Spring Hall, and the Truc Bach Hospital.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | 8 must-see places in Phu Yen in the afternoon

♦ Top tips: From Tuy Hoa City, to go to the Van Hoa Plateau, follow National Highway 1A 14 kilometres to the North to Hoa Da Village, turn left on the road DT 643 and turn to the West about 25 kilometres. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore green nature and spend their time peacefully with rest and relaxation.

♦ Cuisine: Enjoy many kinds of fruits such as butter, banana, pineapple, and jackfruit at Don Market. They are all delicious and famous specialties.

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