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(#wanderlusttips #ParadiseVietnam #HomeHoiAnrestaurant) Following the success of its restaurants in Hanoi, Paradise Vietnam is going to open a new Home at Hoi An – the most famous tourist attraction of Quang Nam Province – on October 1, 2016, featuring authentic Hoi An and Vietnamese cuisine.


Located at 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, the 120-seat restaurant  is within a two-minute walking distance to the famous Japanese Bridge and pretty close to Hoi An’s most popular attractions, vibrant art shops, and local markets.

Executive Chef Nguyen Gia Thien leads the kitchen with a menu that showcases the authentic Hoi An and Vietnamese cuisine along with the natural flavors of the freshest seasonal ingredients, which are sourced directly from local gardens within a day to ensure the best possible quality. Upon visiting Home Hoi An Restaurant, guests will be captivated by a wealth of spectacular Hoi An culinary delicacies with the fullest collection of Hoi An signature dishes including Mi Quang (Quang-styled noodle); Cao Lau; Hoi An shredded chicken and local herb salad; Banh Dap (Cracked/ smashed rice pancakes) and many more.


Open seven days a week, the restaurant is available for all day dining from 10AM am to 11PM. Moreover, Hoi An Cuisine Cooking Class allows guests to explore and try spectacular Hoi An gastronomy by both five senses through their own making with the restaurant’s experienced and friendly cooking experts.

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