The journey in May

[Wanderlust Tips May 2018] May is the month of the delightful change of seasons when the sweet pellucid spring is about to pass, while the brilliantly bright summer is coming.


This is also a perfect time for the most peaceful and economical trips. Visitors can avoid the high season of summer when prices are high and tourist destinations are crowded.


The weather in May is very enjoyable for travelling, just warm and sunny enough for a getaway to the land of blue sea and golden sunshine, and also not too cold for a trip to green highlands.


The dynamic costumes with vibrant colors, soft and cool materials will be an excellent choice for your trips. You can indulge in exploring nature as well as take trendy pictures.



  • Photographer: Hoang Dang
  • Make-up: Truong Duong Thuy
  • Stylist: Quynh Anh Nguyen
  • Model: Duong Mac Anh Quan – Huyen Thu
  • Outfits: Phan Nguyen
  • Location: Minh Chau Island, Quan Lan, Quang Ninh (Viet Nam)

Wanderlust Tips

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