Wanderlust Tips travel magazine’s January issue 2018: Aurora & North Pole Special

Wanderlust Tips travel magazine’s January issue 2018 introduces about the Aurora & North Pole Special, taking the readers to snowy lands in order to admire the marvellous bands of colourful lights in the night sky.

When glasses of wine are raised, the atmosphere is filled with blessings, and souls are filled with new hope, it is when the new year is knocking on the door. In order to warm up your 2018 with desire for exploration, Wanderlust Tips introduces a special issue of the North Pole.


Flip through the pages to Destination Category and let your soul travel to MURMANSK – EXPLORE THE SNOWLAND. Here travel with us to the village of Teriberka with infinite snow fields, the beautiful coast of Barents sea that is icefree year-round; admire the Aurora as well as experience the Sami culture with charming reindeers or friendly Siberian Huskies.


In 2018, you can challenge yourself with a “different” journey, as Kim Ngan continued the 154 DAYS CYCLING AROUND SOUTHEAST ASIAN (Discovery Category), or wander the poetic plateau of MOC CHAU – A SNOW DREAM (Destination Category) that is covered in blossoming flowers when spring comes.



“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written,” (Melody Beattie). And we will write our stories with the approaching adventure so that when 2018 comes to an end, you will be the one holding a cup of hot herbal tea in Murmansk, and be a spectator of the spectacular light dancing show in the North Pole sky, making a list of the “achievements” in a year full of experiences in foreign lands.


The Share the love category featuring experiences of those who successfully achieved the Arctic dream will be the most inspirational stories for you to make travel plan in 2018.

Wanderlust Tips

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