Travel accessory you need based on your Zodiac sign

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re leaving on a jet plane, Amtrak, or even in an RV, you must take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth trip before you even step foot outside your door. Your astrological sign may be a good indicator of which accessory is right for you, as it unveils specific personality traits.



As a Capricorn, it can be difficult for you to feel at ease, and often times you feel insecure when unfamiliar with your surroundings. Kill two birds with one stone by wearing a pocketed travel scarf — not only will it keep you cozy while traveling, but it has a secret zippered compartment for keeping your passport safe.

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An Aquarian thrives on their independence, but sometimes it can be difficult to feel in control when traveling. Take charge with a pocket utensil set, so whether you’re cruising at 30,000 feet or spending a few days camping, you’ll never miss a meal.

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As a Pisces, you enjoy traveling when it’s easy: no lines at the airport, no issues with luggage, no delays. Unfortunately, traveling is known to be unpredictable, stressful, and loud. Invest in these noise-cancelling headphones, so you’ll feel blissfully zen even if your trip starts off on a less-than-perfect foot.

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An Aries loves to adventure and hates to deal with the little mundane chores in life, so when it comes to traveling, the last thing you’ll want to do is organize a suitcase. Make the task easier with packing cubes, which will ensure a quick and easy prep before your trip and will maximize packing space in your suitcase.

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A Taurus craves a comfortable lifestyle, but the constraints of jet-setting can sometimes feel like a drag. A luxury neck pillow will ease some of the discomfort that comes with hopping on a flight, meaning your layover will bring less suffering and more snoozing.

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As a Gemini you are a fan of anything that helps make life more effortless and enjoyable, so there’s a good chance you’re looking for something to help maintain your simple-yet-chic style while on the road. This compact travel kit contains shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, and a balm to keep you feeling impeccably clean no matter what.

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Cancers are creatures of habit and comfort, and traveling can, at times, feel a bit overwhelming. Find some zen with this contoured sleeping mask, specifically designed for travel — meaning that passenger who refuses to shut the window shade when you need some shut-eye won’t matter in the slightest.

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Life is a party for a Leo, and nothing can stop you from having a good time, delays be damned. This carry-on cocktail kit contains everything from a recipe card to a muddler, so you can share a toast during takeoff.

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Planning a trip as a practical Virgo means packing smart: you never bring something along you won’t absolutely need. Make your life simpler by traveling with a waterproof cosmetics kit, which organizes all your necessities in a neat and tidy portable bag that will remain unscathed from even the harshest of elements.

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Libras seek balance in their lives, as reflected in the scale symbol of their astrological sign. What better accessory to travel with than a portable luggage scale, that will ensure your bags stay under the weight limit?

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If you’re a Scorpio, you probably need everything in your life to be in your control, so a messy carry-on can derail you. This travel cord roll will keep all of your electronic cords in a compact, tangle-free satchel, so you can focus on enjoying the journey and steer clear of untangling knots out of your headphones the entire trip.

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Sagittarians often have a ton of energy, and it can be difficult to truly unwind when you’re on the road. This travel diffuser is USB-powered and will make your car, hotel room, or hostel feel like a mini-spa, emitting scents of lavender, lemongrass, or peppermint so that you can sit back and relax — even if only for a moment.

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