Wanderlust Tips travel magazine’s October issue 2017: Journey into the unknown

October issue of Wanderlust Tips Magazine will be a journey to the unknown to explore mysterious stories and secrets inspiring your curiosity and love for exploration.


Are you sure you have reached the end of the world and explored the most mysterious ways in which the world really works?

It will be the eagerness to travel on the Lama’s spiritual land and be enthralled by the eternal faith in the mysterious Tibetan land. Let’s experience these emotions through the journey of Nguyen Thai Duy: TIBET, THE MYSTERIOUS – ONCE AND FOREVER in Destination category.


It will be the excitement to arrive on the Cape of Good Hope where connects two oceans, or discover gold mines that have made South Africa into the wealthiest country in the Dark Continent. You will see how impressive SOUTH AFRICA – THE RAINBOW NATION OF THE CONTINENT in the Destination Category.


And it can also be the thrilling sensation when you hear the indigenous people telling about countless miraculous, haunting stories of familiar destinations where you seemingly got all the information just after a click. The article MYSTERIOUS STORIES ON THE ROAD by Mai Dong (Where the story goes category) is a collection of spiritual and haunting stories in many destinations. You can believe or not, but legends have been spoken by the local people through many generation.


Follow the flow of new secrets to be revealed, Wanderlust Tips interviewed 5 travel bloggers. Living a life of travel, what did they do to afford those “wild” dreams? Read the article TRAVEL BLOGGERS – HOW MUCH DOES A DREAM COST? In Conversation Category, we will share the most sincere sharing of 5 famous travel bloggers: Tran Viet Phuong (Tran Trap), Tran Dang Dang Khoa, Tam Bui, Mai Phuong, Christopher Hell.


Travel with the October issue of Wanderlust Tips to live a life of being emotionally intense, because ‘Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced,’ as philosopher Søren Kierkegaard has said.

Wanderlust Tips

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