Before sunrise

The pure and sweet love dream of the eloquent youth who meet, connect and lose each other in the classic movie Before Sunrise has captivated many generations and it is the inspiration for the collection Pre-fall by designer Ha Linh Thu.


This unrestricted infatuation, fascination and incredible emotions have been realised in sweet colours and dashing cut lines of cocoon dresses, bomber shirts, blazers and pleated skirts.


So when such sweet designs appear on the street, they look striking and distinctive but not out of place, even when they are shown on a sunny morning by the lake, next to a row of colourful flowers on a crowded street, on an old balcony or in a small, simple little shop.


Life still goes on, it may be sadder, more vicious, and less romantic, but it always contains such beautiful dreams. The items of the winter and fall season bring modern trends, reflecting the spirit of women’s freedom. The pink colour of love glows in the golden sunlight of Hanoi in early autumn.



  • Photographer: LE TUAN ANH
  • Make-up: TU TA
  • Hairstylist: VAN TRAN
  • Stylist: HUYEN GIN
  • Model: TIEN PHAM
  • Costume: HA LINH THU

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