A beautiful carpet of Mexican tournesol near Hanoi

You do not need to travel to Da Lat to admire bright yellow flowers; near Hanoi, Ba Vi National Park also has beautiful Mexican tournesol.

The Mexican tournesol in Ba Vi begin to bloom around October, but flourishing in from 10 days to 2 weeks in November. When Mexican tournesols bloom, it means that the dry season has come very close. This flower has the noble yet powerful beauty of the mountain woodlands.

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Mexican tournesol is not as big as sunflower, but because it grows in dense thickets, so when it blooms, it creates a bright golden carpet under the sunlight, and become more prominent on dark green leaves. Mexican tournesol is most beautiful in the morning, when the air is bathed in winter sunshine, the dew still on the leaves and the flowers.

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Taking a walk in the middle of the flower carpet, enjoying the magnificent colours of nature and the wind bringing the lovely scent makes us feel ecstatic. Although not as large as in Da Lat, but Ba Vi Mexican tournesol garden still has its own beauty, especially when admiring the flowers in the majestic cloudy Ba Vi mountain.
A guide to the flower viewing spot in Ba Vi National Park:

You have to pay VND40,000 per ticket for adult to Ba Vi National Park. Tickets for students, children, the elderly, and the disabled are VND20,000 per ticket.

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From Ba Vi National Park’s gate, you reach the outpost 400 (The swimming pool), continue to go 1 kilometre to the crossroad, then head to the historic area at the outpost 600, then you will meet a guard. You ask for permission to visit the hill area 700 to take photos. From the guard station, you go about 1 kilometre to the crossroad again, turn left to come to the hill 700. When you come to the Forest Fire Observatory, continue to turn left to flower hill of Ba Vi National Park.

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