Vermicelli dishes in Hanoi: full of beef with only VND25,000

If you are still wondering what to eat today, why not try a bowl of vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine?


Hanoi has a very diverse food culture from the traditional dishes which have been well-known long time ago, to the local dishes from all over the country to come here, and some new receipts people create themselves like the vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine. There is such a dish, strange from the name to the taste.

If the bread with beef stewed in red wine is too familiar to many people living in Hanoi, this vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine seems to be quite new. Kham Thien is one of the rare places in Hanoi selling this dish.The restaurant is located at the beginning of the alley on Kham Thien Street. Every morning, the little alley is so crowded when the visitors come to enjoy this dish.


According to Mrs. Lan the owner, 15 years ago, she only sold Vietnamese rice vermicelli with crab paste soup and rice pancake soup. Just five years ago, she came up with this dish. Actually, the restaurant also has many other dishes such as beef noodle, beef vermicelli. But somehow, most of people coming here love to eat vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine.

Besides usual vermicelli, thin sliced beef, a bowl of vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine here also has beef stewed in red wine.

When you do not know what to eat this morning, “bun bo sot vang” will be a good choice for you. Moreover, for a price of only VND25,000 for a breakfast is so suitable for those who love delicious – nutrient – cheap food.
One more thing that one can not forget about this small noodle stall is its good and kind owner – Mrs.Lan.

  • Address: Cong Trang Lane, Kham Thien Sreet, Hanoi
  • Price: VND25,000
  • Open time: 5:30am – 10am

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