“Art of love” – Fundraising concert at Meliá Hanoi

On 14th May, at the luxury hotel of Meliá Hanoi, the Fundraising concert “Art of Love” was held with the aim of assisting young children with musical gifted as well as gathering and training “Vietnam Sinfonietta” – an orchestra  of young gifted talents.


Sunday, 14th May was highlighted by a meaningful event held at Meliá Hanoi in its sponsorship: The Fundraising concert “Art of Love”. This unique concert was one of many activities of a loving project, which is also named “Art of Love”, founded by Mrs Nguyen Thi Nguyet Thu – the famous viola artist – with the aim of assisting young children with musical gifted.

Meliá Hanoi proudly presents the concert “Art of Love” as its main sponsor. The project “Art of Love” will bring the hope and faith, full of health, wisdom and good personality for our future generation, thus they can get on well with the community. Also, “Art of love” project fosters many gifted talents, supports them in “discovering” the world of art, give them the opportunity to assert themselves with positive thinking, then confidently devote to the society as the true artists.


At the concert, the audiences have immersed themselves in a space of love, swayed to the soothing melodies performed and been sympathetic to many touching story shared. Individual movements were warmly responded by massive audience applauses. There was also a mini gallery showcasing more than twenty excellent paintings, which were created by the talented hands of many young artists with autism.

In other words, the concert itself opens the gate to the treasure of classical music, charmingly make the academic melodies become the alluring “spices” to the spiritual life of individuals and families.

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