Summer Moods

Dynamic, but elegant, distinctive but luxurious – fashion masterpieces from Devon London and Lane JT have a tendency to take an audience’s breath away with pure style radiating from their collections.

In Phuket summer beckons with the blue sea and white sails promising refreshing and gorgeous experiences. Sweet and exceptional, gentle yet strong – this girl is more than ready to welcome a vibrant summer and journey to an undiscovered destination. Despite both brands pursuing minimalism, Lane JT‘s features audacious but luxurious cropping lines, while Devon London dazzles with its unique handling of wool with an emphasis on colour details. Travel and be different – as is the spirit of everlasting youth.

Cardigan: Devon London. Price: VND4,800,000
Dress: Devon London. Price: VND9,800,000
Dress: Lane JT. Price: VND1,400,000
Net cardigan (Devon London) : VND5,200,000. Camisole (Jane JT): VND1,250,000. Skirt (Jane JT): VND1,250,000
Blazer (Jane JT): VND1,990,000 Trousers (Devon London): VND2,290,000
Blazer (Jane JT): VND1,990,000. Trousers (Devon London): VND2,290,000
Blouse (Lane JT): VND920,000. Skirt (Jane JT): VND1,250,000
Blouse (Lane JT): VND990,000. Skirt (Devon London): VND6,000,000
  • Clothes: Devon London, Lane JT
  • Photo: Hoang Dang
  • Make-up: Loan Love
  • Model: YenTran
  • Stylist: Huyen Tran Le

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