Wanderlust Tips travel magazine’s October issue 2016: Paradises for couples

Wanderlust Tips’ October 2016 will bring you to paradise on the earth for couples, from the romantic Ha Long Bay to sunny and windy island of Mauritius.

Familiar honeymoon destinations like popular beaches and islands and their luxury services, no longer please the adventurous travellers. So our advice to you is: go a little “crazy”. Trust us, as long as you are together, every experience will be blow any of your expectations.

wanderlust-tips-magazine-october-issue-2016-the-pellucid-summer2Stay with locals in a classy mountain homestay, surrounded by clouds and the quiet rhythm of the forest and listen to your own passion-filled hearts beat as one. Cruise around the romantic, awe-inspiring Halong Bay, hold hands and take a walk around the mini European city atop Ba Na Hill, or get lost trekking on an undiscovered mountain somewhere.

wanderlust-tips-magazine-october-issue-2016-the-pellucid-summer3Together, you can cross passes and mountains and reach new destinations, wake up together in a tent in the middle of a windy meadow, watching the beautiful sunrise. If you want luxury and romance visit Mauritius home to the most beautiful holiday of Clark and Will’s lives, as told in the world-famous novel and film “Me Before You”. Any of these adventures will be a sweet start to an eternal marriage.

wanderlust-tips-magazine-october-issue-2016-the-pellucid-summer1Someone once said: “Happiness is not a destination, but a journey”. And as long as you are together, the journey will always be happy and fulfilling.

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